Dove soft-soaping mature women

Today's Star has an article on Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty. I like the ads. In fact I like them so much that I began buying Dove products a few months ago. I started off cautiously with soap, then deodorant and hairspray - can't really go wrong with these. Next I took the plunge into hair products; this required a bit of courage as I've been loyal to Aveda hair products for many years. I tried the Dove conditioner and have just this week moved on to their shampoo. So far my hair is not falling out in clumps- that's a good thing. Skin products are next but only after I use up the 10 years worth of Adrien Arpel cleansers, exfoliators, neck and decollettage creams, eye firmers, lip plumpers, etc. that I have mysteriously accumulated (I'm certain that they're breeding in my cupboard). The verdict: when Dove targetted me they hit the bullseye. Call me a sucker but I fell for their ad campaign hook, line and sinker. I'm reasonably pleased with the stuff I've tried and feel like a fool for having spent ten times as much as I should've on exotic emollients all these years (one look at me will tell you it hasn't paid off). Best of all I feel somehow virtuous for doing my bit to keep husky models employed. You go, Dove!