The Better Mouse Trap

I made the mistake of mentioning to my (deceased) mother's husband that field mice come into our house through the myriad cracks in our century home each fall. I told him that we catch them in humane traps and release them far from here in a field where they will no doubt live long and fulfilling lives, untraumatized by their time in the plastic trap. He seemed quite disturbed by my seeming indifference to living with vermin. He phoned me from Arkansas no less than 4 times to report on the "better" mouse trap that he had found. I expected some high tech sonic energy sort of thing. This is what arrived today:

That's right, a 49-cent trap and a pile of paper bags. I'm not sure why he wrote the measurements on the paper bag (note the metric conversion). Methinks I'll use the bags for my lunch and not for mouse corpses.