Open Brackets

Open Brackets is a favourite of mine. Here are some movie cliches from Gail Armstrong
"1) When a poor person walks into wealthy person's home or into a swank hotel, s/he will stop just inside the door and look up, and probably do a full turn, head back, mouth agape, awestruck by the splendour in a manner once reserved for those beholding the glory of God when entering an opulent cathedral. The message is clear: unabashed reverence of money is totally endearing.
2) When Barbara Streisand's character gets a make-over, she will look exactly the same before and after; only difference: the sudden revelation of cleavage.
3) Only old and/or unattractive people, and annoyingly precocious children in voice-off narration who have come through harrowing circumstances miraculously unscathed, can impart wisdom. The young and gorgeous may only do so if they are minutes away from death."