Internet acronyms

I'm hopelessly out of the loop - internet acronyms are wasted on me, they might as well be Swahili. Here's a few new ones from April Winchell:

ROFHAS: Rolling on floor, having a seizure
BRBATBH: Be right back after this bong hit
LOLTOJ: Leaning on ledge, thinking of jumping
WWJLD?: What would J Lo do?
COG: Cheating on girlfriend
6DLBHVRTMP: 60 pounds heavier than my picture
TW1H: Typing with one hand
WDDDWV: Washing down Ding Dongs with vodka
WWP: Wearing wife's panties
SBGO%^THB&*: Spilled Big Gulp on keyboard
HHO: Hermes hates Oprah