Top 25 Depressing Tunes

Tell Laura I Love Her

I can't believe that Tom Reynolds, author of I Hate Myself and Want to Die, rates Tell Laura I Love Her at only #21 on his top 25 Depressing Tunes. At the tender age of 9 I used to cry when it was played (frequently) on the radio - hey, I was just a kid. But there was a certain frisson of pleasure associated with the song. After my parents split up we lived with my grandmother, a couple of uncles and my aunt Sheila, all of whom loved us dearly. Every Friday my aunt Sheila came home from her job as a traffic manager for Canadian National Railways singing (not too tunefully) "Tell Laura I Love Her" and bearing treats from the Laura Secord chocolate store. I have one of those funny switchy pictures (move them one way/one picture, move them another way/picture changes) in my brain of a burning car wreck with a bloodied half-dead corpse/delicious chocolate bar.