Peeling the Onion

An hilarious article on the creation of The Onion's post on the demise of the pope:

Wild and crazy Catholics cavort

"World's Catholics Go On Crazed Sin Binge. . . . "There's no sheriff in town,' say churchgoers." "I like that," says writer Chris Karwowski. "I don't like "no sheriff in town,' but I like "World's Catholics on Sin Binge."

Maria Schneider, a writer who has been concentrating on paying her phone bill, looks up from her checkbook. "Yeah, I like that."

After settling on a headline they like, the creative process heats up. They add and delete words to make the line sharper.

"Should it be "Sin Binge'? Or should it be "Crazed Sin Binge'?" Hanson asks.

"It should be "World's Unsupervised Catholics Go On Sin Binge,' " Krewson says.