Thursday, November 23, 2017

Projected Images Illuminate the History of Paul Robeson's Hometown

Photographer Wendel White shot artifacts unearthed in the Princeton, NJ house where singer and political activist Paul Robeson was born and projects these images against the facade of the house as part of the exhibition Reconstructed History.

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Net Neutrality Explained

Vi Hart's 11-minute video explains what net neutrality is, what benefits it brings and what you stand to lose.

Write or call Congress now and make a last stand for the open web.

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Art Project Has Built Over 3,500 Urban Bird Houses Since 2006

Happy City Birds is a project by Danish artist and designer Thomas Dambo. He builds bird houses in urban centers, installing the new homes against buildings, grouped on tall poles, or spaced throughout existing trees.

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Days of Night Nights of Day

Russian documentary photographer Elena Chernyshova's documentary Days of Night Nights of Day is about the daily life of the inhabitants of Norilsk, a mining city northernmost of the polar circle with a population of more than 170 000. Built by Gulag prisoners, it is the 7th most polluted city in the world. The average temperature is -10C, reaching lows of -55C in winter, when for two months the city is plunged into polar night.  The documentary investigates human adaptation to extreme climate, ecological disaster and isolation.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Powerful Portraits Of People Living in Remote Places

Freelance portrait photographer Mattia Passarini travels to  remote corners of the globe to capture disappearing cultures, ancient rituals, and the everyday life of those who live there.

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