Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Houses In Kabul Are Being Painted In Rainbow Colours To Improve Residents' Mental Health

Ruchi Kumar

Thousands of mud-brown houses blanketed the mountains surrounding Kabul but they are now being painted in rainbow colours as part of a new initiative to brighten Afghanistan’s capital. The Afghan affinity for colour has always been visible in the form of small decorations, colourful doors and hand-painted flower pots outside nearly every mud house. This project aims to paint the exteriors of nearly 2,000 houses on the hills of Kabul.

Similar projects in depressed areas of Brazil, Haiti and Indonesia have improved the mental health of residents and it is hoped that colour will have the same effect here.

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Hemaworstje said...

Been sneeking here a few times, "stole' some links but hmm it is a blessing to find a pearl in the mud every now and then, nice curating. Fine editor you would be. clap clap.

The Nag said...

Thanks for the comment. Sometimes it's nice to know that people are actually reading the stuff I put out.