Wednesday, April 05, 2017

A 12-Step Guide to Changing in a Public Restroom

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After you make sure the stall you are about to use is clean you may begin:
1a. Store personal items, using all available hooks and layering items as needed. Handicap rails may be used for additional storage.
1b. Hang all personal items on arms or around neck. Grit additional personal items in teeth. For any items that cannot be secured by these methods, use appendages to pin items against body or other appendages (i.e., arm to torso, leg to leg).
2a. Remove shirt and place it with other personal items.2b. Remove arms from shirt one by one, removing and replacing any personal items hanging from arms as needed and ensuring that any pinned items remain pinned. Once shirt is hanging around neck, pull it carefully overhead, winding it around any items clenched in teeth. Place shirt between knees and clamp down hard. Do not let go.IF YOU ARE NOT WEARING A BRA OR DO NOT NEED TO REMOVE YOUR BRA, SKIP TO STEP 5.
Pay close attention as removing clothes in a confined space can get a little complicated.
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