Friday, January 06, 2017

There's a 47-Year-Old Burger in the Alberta Legislature Building

In 1969 an independent MLA named Clarence Copithorne rose to his feet in the Alberta Legislature during a debate on an interim supply bill to protest the lousy food served in the Legislature cafeteria. He reached into his desk drawer, pulled out a limp hamburger, exhorted government Ministers to do something about it and tabled the meaty evidence with the clerk of the Legislative Assembly. The burger was given a sessional paper number (301/69), and sent to be duly filed along with other governmental reports and correspondence in the library. Then it disappeared!
In 2006 the burger resurfaced, encased in a block of resin, alongside a signed note from the then-clerk of the assembly, in Copithorne’s garage, years after his death. It now sits in a cabinet of curiosities that greets visitors to the library.

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