Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Links 26

How to Eat Your Way Through 24 Perfect Hours in Paris - I think this might kill me but what a way to go!

Scientists Uncover Alzheimer’s Disease in the Novels of Agatha Christie and Iris Murdoch: The language of authors who suffered from dementia has a story for the rest of us.

Save The Wolves! by Caitlin Moran and Caroline Moran After all, how many shows are there about huge, working-class, home-educated families from Wolverhampton?

Ben Franklin’s glass instrument called the armonica caught on quickly — thousands were manufactured, and even Mozart composed music for it — but it developed a bad reputation by the early 19th century when reports of the instrument causing "mental anguish" emerged. The instrument was revived at a recent performance at the Park Avenue Armory.

‘The Wall Is a Fantasy’ Separating fact from fiction in the plan to build an impenetrable barrier along the Mexican-American border.

Fops and flappers: wild fashions of the 1920s The 1920s heralded an explosion of sexual freedom, female emancipation and decadent glamour – with clothes to match.

A Bar on North Avenue When a roomer who lived upstairs died, his body was not discovered until maggots started to drop through the ceiling and on to the bar. A man nobody knew was shot dead one night behind the building. From the day it opened on December 30, 1966 until the day I stopped drinking in 1979, I drank there more or less every night when I was in town.

Pretty in Pink: Trump’s Border Wall as Envisioned by Mexican Architects

The Modernist Utopia that never was Architect and author Cory Buckner talks about Crestwood Hills, a Modernist vision for a cooperative future that never quite arrived.

Inside the everyday world of UFO hunters The truth is out there... Thanks Bruce!

Russell Stover's Eskimo Pie treats were the smash-hit of 1920 but when Stover was ready to patent his invention, he ignored his lawyer's advice to keep the patent narrow and relevant to his actual process, preferring to greedily seek a patent on any chocolate/ice-cream bar. How enforcing a crappy patent bankrupted the Eskimo Pie company 

“But did you like it?” I want to shout. “Did it make you happy? Did you clean your plate?” Link

Why Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress designer was fashion’s ‘best kept secret’ 

Mortified is an event series where adults share their most embarrassing childhood artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, plays, home movies, art) on stage.

Stories From the Working Class

On This Day In Jazz Age Music! A daily blog featuring Jazz Age Music from the 20's and 30's.

Slip Away: Pat Metheny Group (feat. Pedro Aznar)

The Palouse in Washington State is often referred to as the Tuscany of America and offers one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the United States.

The Stanford Letters: Rape stories are told all the time, but few are told to the rapist.

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