Tuesday, August 09, 2016

A Light Touch for Rothko Harvard Murals

What would the famously exacting abstract artist Mark Rothko think about using a ghostlike technology to recapture the vibrancy of his faded Harvard murals, a virtual restoration that can disappear with the flip of a switch?
Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
The technology uses a digital camera to shoot pictures of the murals in the new gallery. That image is then compared to the restored photograph of the original. The information is fed to a computer that uses the new software to create a “compensation image” that is sent to a digital projector, which illuminates the murals to appear as they would have looked more than 50 years ago. This type of restoration is reversible and does not obscure the artist's hand. I think it's brilliant.
Read more: Harvard Gazette

Via my friend and art warrior Thomasina DeMaio

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