Monday, June 06, 2016

The Life of Larry the Downing Street Cat

Larry is an official employee of the UK government, appointed by British Prime Minister, David Cameron. His full title is “Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” and he is supposed to keep the residence of the Prime Minister – 10 Downing Street – free of pests such as mice and rats. He continues a tradition dating back to the 8th in the 16th century. Thomas Wolsey, Lord Chancellor in 1515, was a cat lover and it’s believed one of his many cats served as the first mouser for the government, official or otherwise. The titled position began in 1929 when the Treasury authorised a set sum of money for “the maintenance of an efficient cat”. David Cameron was initially opposed to hiring a Chief Mouser - until he spied rats in the residence.

Apparently Larry has been known to sleep on the job but is exceptionally talented at greeting and entertaining guests so has been kept on. He even has his own Twitter account and is popular with the people of Britain.

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