Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Claire Underwood's Stilettos

I don't know about you but Season 4 of House Of Cards made my feet ache. I seldom wear high heels anymore because they make my arches feel like knives are being driven into them but Claire Underwood wears them all the time! On Air Force 1, in the kitchen, at her family farm, nursing her mother, even when she falls asleep on the sofa after a day from hell Claire never kicks off the Louboutins. I'd post a picture of the beat up, cat hair-covered slippers I wear when I'm at home but they're disgusting. Also very comfy. Sometimes I think I should make more of an effort but hey, I am not the First Lady of the United States.

In this article Megan Garber explains how the sky high heels add to Claire’s character: "They are making a point about Claire’s relationship with Francis and her relationship with her government and her relationship with herself."

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