Friday, March 04, 2016

A Young Man's Follies.

Experience Designer Sarah Di Domenico paid $40 for a metal trunk marked 'O.MAJID'  at a Toronto antique store's closing sale. Inside the trunk she found a stash of love letters and photographs dating back to the 1950s. The love letters, addressed to Omar Majid, were from several different women.

Clipping from Esquire

The letters, schoolbooks filled with poetry, fading photographs, shoelaces, made in England, still in their original packaging and a 1946 issue of Esquire, with a price tag of 50 cents all offered clues to the life of Omar. Sarah's search for the mystery man was on.
A Young Man's Follies, Triumphs and trials of youth found in a tin trunk 1940s-1959 is a website that traces the story of a stranger's youth through the things he left in the the tin trunk.

Find out how the story ends


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