Tuesday, January 05, 2016

WD-40 and Microwaved Tampons: Secrets of Food Photography Revealed

On average it takes about ten hours to complete a food photo shoot. A lot of wilting, melting and drooping can take place in that time. Food stylists share their secrets on how to make common dishes photo ready.

Kim Krejca, a Phoenix-based stylist who works with a lot of south-western cuisine, used instant mashed potatoes to add bulk to enchiladas because they are easy to make and mold. Then Krejca added meat and veggies to the ends where the tortillas open up. To finish the dish, she used a heat gun to make the cheese melt perfectly on top.

Krejca's delicious-looking tacos started with two tortillas glued together. Cosmetic sponges were placed behind the meat to keep the shells open. The dark and juicy-looking beef was painted with Kitchen Bouquet. She then sprayed the filling with WD-40, her secret weapon to make Mexican food glisten.

And that steam wafting up from a plate of pasta? Wisconsin-based stylist Tamara Kaufman has used tin foil packages of steam chips, incense, cigarettes or even microwave water-soaked tampons hidden behind the dish to create the look.

Now I know why my recipes never look like those in magazines.

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