Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ph.D. Student Turns Thesis Into a Comic Book

Chemistry is a difficult science to master and understanding it can present a challenge. University of Wisconsin-Madison chemistry Ph.D. student Veronica Berns wanted to share her work with friends and family but realized that they might have trouble grasping the concepts. She came up with a cute and unique way of making her thesis more accessible to them. She put it in the form of a chemistry comic book titled Atomic Size Matters.

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1 comment:

soubriquet said...

Nice looking presentation. "My First Physics Primer".
However, she has not a clue about grammar. So what extra points I might award for the concept, would not balance the demerits lost due to the sloppy use of language.
She has a good idea, but should get someone who is moderately literate to edit and proof-read for her.