Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lawrence of Arabia - Simple Funeral at Moreton

"London, May 19 -- Wrapped in the Union Jack he served so well, the body of Colonel T. E. Lawrence was borne this morning to the little slate-roofed mortuary adjoining the hospital at Bovington Camp in Dorset, where the organizer of the great "Revolt in the Desert" had died a few hours earlier.
Two orderlies, who had kept watch over him during his six days of unconsciousness, lifted his body from the ambulance in the pouring rain and carried it into the mortuary chapel. There it lay tonight before the altar, on which a small crucifix stood.
Funeral arrangements are as simple as anything "Lawrence of Arabia" could have wished. The funeral will be held privately on Tuesday in the village church at Moreton, near the tiny cottage where Colonel Lawrence lived, and at the request of his brother, A. W. Lawrence, there will be no flowers and no mourning. Only his relatives and intimate friends will be invited."

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