Monday, March 16, 2015

Thomas Edison Gave A 146-Question Knowledge Test to Prospective Employees

Thomas Edison, American inventor and businessman, put forward the first famous example of seemingly job-unrelated intellectual tests as a filter for potential employees. It was a 146-question test on subjects of general knowledge from geography to history to physics to the price of gold. Here are a few to get you started:
1. What countries bound France?
2. What city and country produce the finest china?
3. Where is the River Volga?
4. What is the finest cotton grown?
5. What country consumed the most tea before the war?
6. What city in the United States leads in making laundry machines?
7. What city is the fur centre of the United States?
8. What country is the greatest textile producer?
9. Is Australia greater than Greenland in area?
10. Where is Copenhagen?
11. Where is Spitzbergen?
12. In what country other than Australia are kangaroos found?

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