Thursday, March 12, 2015

Save Us Bacon

Taber, Alberta, Canada just passed a law straight out of the 1984 motion-picture “Footloose,” banning music in public, public gatherings, swearing, and instituting curfews. The town in Footloose had a hero: Kevin Bacon in a tank top. The people of Taber, Alberta need a hero too.
A group in Edmonton posted this video asking Kickstarter to help raise $100,000 to pay Bacon to attend a planned dance party in Taber.

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shrineodreams said...

Taber was the site of a school shooting some years back. At the time I thought the town and families concerned handled the situation in a sane and thoughtful manner. (But I am contrasting them with Americans so, not necessarily a high standard.) Anyway, this by-law won't last past the six month trial application.