Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Family of Crafters Crochet Intricate Tiny Animals

Su Ami is a Vietnamese family craft collective that crochets tiny perfect animals. At their Etsy shop you will find a menagerie of adorable detailed creatures including turtles, whales, owls, and unicorns. Su Ami captures the animals’ defining features, like a swan’s elegant beak and a lion’s majestic mane. They make fluffy little dogs from the ends of embroidery thread. The craft of making miniature stuffed animals is called amigurumi.

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Lsamsa said...

Oh my...I so want every one of these. How wonderful they are!!
Sadly, my pocketbook is as tiny as these awesome little creations.

The Nag said...

If your fine motor skills are exceptional you might consider taking up a crochet hook.