Sunday, December 23, 2012

Frankincense Tree Threatened

Frankincense has been closely identified with Christmas since one of the Three Wise Men carried it as a gift to the newborn baby Jesus. But over-exploitation, changing land use and a destructive beetle are killing Boswellia sacra, the tree that produces frankincense. Unless something is done the species faces extinction within 50 years.
Scientists are looking at ways of making it more cold-resistant to expand its growing area.
The Welsh Frankincense Project sells trees that can be kept as houseplants.  Every sale contributes directly to the  survival  of these precious trees
  Read the article at the Telegraph


Thomasina DeMaio said...

i want a tree now!

The Nag said...

It might even be warm enough in SF to grow one outside. You could be the US leader of the Save The Frankincense Movement.