Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Museo del Prado and Google Present Fourteen Masterpieces

The Prado is in the top five on my Want To Visit List. This will have to do for now.

"Thanks to this joint initiative between Google and the Museo del Prado, masterpieces from this Spanish Museum's collection will be the first to be available for study and appreciation from every corner of the globe through their presence as giga-pixel images. Through its involvement with this project the Prado aims to be a pioneer in the possibilities offered by the new technologies for the dissemination and promotion of the artistic heritage. These spectacular images of its works, which are only available on Google Earth, will allow scholars and art lovers to appreciate from close up the most minute details and motifs represented, the lines and brushstrokes of each artist, the under-drawing, craquelure of the varnish and many other aspects difficult to see at first hand."

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Here's something else you might see at thePrado Museum: