Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gildiner's Gospel

My friend of 30 years (we met in a psychiatric hospital, don't ask) Cathy Gildiner, novelist, psychologist, rower and overachiever (and I mean that in a good way) is now a blogger. Read Gildiner's Gospel and watch her country life video. She's the fair haired gal.


Cathy Gildiner said...

Oh my God I have never been blogged. I am thrilled. I feel so close to stardom I can taste it. I went to Random house ( tech staff) today and they were showing me the finer points of blogging and they were really impressed with your blog. They said "Now that is someone who knows the bogging ropes." Bet you never heard that before.

It was hilarious when you said we met in a mental hospital. True and really a great twist. I have a whole chapter about our time in the bin together in the third volume of my memoir. Someone we both know well plays a major part.

neo blogger,

Cathy Gildiner said...

I tried to write a comment but it came back blank. Maybe I really have nothing to say.

I was thrilled to see you had blogged me. I am a neo-blogger so I will always remember you. They say you never forget your first.

I loved how you said we met in a mental hospital. It is true and really sounded so funny. By the way I have written a whole chapter in the third volume of my memoir about our life together in the bin.

Cathy Gildiner-- the nag from the other side of the lake,

The Nag said...

I'm eager and trepidatious about reading the book. There's a lot that's better left unsaid. At least the statute of limitations has expired.

Diane M. said...

Hilarious - I hope she isn't really like that?

The Nag said...

All my friends are exactly like that :-)