Thursday, December 14, 2017



Hospital Stretchers Recycled as Yard Railings

Hospital stretchers that were once used on the battlefields of World War II have since been recycled and put to use as yard railings around London.


Suspended by Arabella Dorman

Until 8 February 2018, St James’s church in Piccadilly, London will be home to a suspended mass of 700 items of clothing, previously belonging to refugees and salvaged from the beaches and olive groves of the Greek Island of Lesbos. The installation, entitled Suspended is the work of British war artist Arabella Dorman and features a baby-grow and red bib sporting the words “My 1st Christmas Ever!” among the swathes of fabric.

Image credit: Tim Ireland

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A Short Film About Running With Poetry By W.H. Auden

In 1962, Canada’s National Film Board commissioned a first-time director to make an 11-minute, black-and-white movie about 19-year-old distance runner Bruce Kidd who would later become an Olympian. Runner is no average runner biopic: with a jumpy jazz soundtrack complemented by legendary poet W.H. Auden’s poetic meditations on the beauty of running, the film is a reminder that running is natural, sleek, and in a word, cool. Auden’s script was read by Don Francks, a Canadian musician and actor who also happened to be my neighbour in the 1970s.

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Beautiful Chemistry

Chemical reactions are happening around us all the time but how often do we really pay close attention to smoke rising from a candle, or the bubbles in a fizzy drink? Eight types of beautiful chemical reactions are presented in this short video made by Beautiful Chemistry,.

Beautiful Chemical Reactions from Beauty of Science on Vimeo.

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