Sunday, November 29, 2015

Drowning Megacities

African megacities are under dual pressure from uncontrolled urbanisation and floods worsened by climate change. The result is a catastrophe that is unravelling in slow motion and threatening the livelihoods of millions of people.

Drowning Megacities is a web documentary by Lasse Wamsler, Sune Gudmundsson and Sven Johannessen.
Images: Tom Saater

Michelle Kingdom Embroidery

California-based artist Michelle Kingdom creates tiny worlds in thread. The scenes are densely sewn into compressed compositions using thread as a sketching tool that simultaneously honours and undermines the tradition of embroidery.


Hotel 22

Documentary filmmaker  Elizabeth Lo filmed the night crowd on Line 22, the only 24-hour bus line in California’s pricy Santa Clara Valley. Homeless people take its 1.5 hour route to and fro at night to sleep in relative safety.


The IKEA Dictionary

Klaviatur, Pyssla, Riktig Ögla, Praktfull???  Where do these wacky IKEA product names come from?The IKEA Dictionary explains the origin of over 1300 of them.

Lars Petrus has divided the names into these main groups:
  • Proper Swedish words.
  • Improper Swedish words. IKEA laughs at the 'rules' of human language!
  • First names. Mostly Swedish, some Scandinavian, occasional exotic names. Geographical names. Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish. Yes, there are patterns. 
  • A few names that defy categorization.
  • Mystery names ... Currently 130 out of 1362 names.


The "Quiet Beatle" Died On This Date

George Harrison, my favourite Beatle, left this world on this day in 2001.