Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sculptures by Li Xiaofeng

Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng  creates gorgeous porcelain couture from ceramic shards from the Song, Ming, Yuan and Qing Dynasties found at archaeological sites.


Create Your Own Catrocity

Christopher Hesse has created a website that turns your drawings into nightmarish cat photographs.

Designer Illustrates Client Requests To Work For Free

Toronto based designer Emmie Tsumura is taking a stand against clients that expect designers to do what they do for free. Her series For Exposure turns absurd quotes and requests into illustrations.

You can see more of Tsumura's work on Twitter and Instagram.

Hair Dye Responds to Temperature Change

The Unseen has developed a color-changing hair dye that reacts to shifts in temperature. The carbon-based molecules in the dye alter their light absorption when they're subjected to temperature changes, producing different colors that you can reverse just by heading somewhere new.


The Great Eater Of Kent

Competitive eating has grown into a mainstream spectator sport with professional eating contests offering big prizes. But long before Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest began on Coney Island in 1972 there was The Great Eater of Kent.

Nicholas Wood, The Great Eater of Kent, here eating a duck.

Nicholas Wood may be one of the earliest examples we have of a true competitive eater. Story has it that English poet John Taylor saw Wood devour some 60 eggs, a good portion of a lamb, and a handful of pies at an Inn in Kent. Taylor was so astounded by the man's monstrous appetite that he became Wood’s representative.  He wrote a pamphlet, called The Great Eater, of Kent, or Part of the Admirable Teeth and Stomach Exploits of Nicholas Wood, of Harrisom in the County of Kent His Excessive Manner of Eating Without Manners, In Strange and True Manner Described.

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