Sunday, April 20, 2014

Skanking, Lesson By Tony Verity

Ska Documental in 'Sombrero Club' With Byron Lee & The Dragonaires. Jamaica 1964.

The Egg Painter

This docu-short offers a glimpse into the art and craft of egg painting in Ciocanesti, a small village in Romania's northern region of Bukovina.


Bungie The Bulldog

Bungie was a world-famous British Bulldog. In 1936 he came to Toronto during a heatwave and died! So why did Bungie drop dead?

Now he is one of many animals in the Royal Ontario Museum's taxidermy collection.

Via  Smithsonian Channel

Behold the Apollo 70!

The Apollo 70 is a tricked out Airstream Land Yacht that serves as a mobile bar/food truck for corporate events. How wonderful is this?

Champagne or cocktails, locally sourced beers or beers of the world, Belgium chocolates and pastries or Americana gourmet street food - the choice is yours.

Judgmental Maps

The JUDGMENTAL MAPS blog shows cities with stereotypical demographic labels that are guaranteed to offend almost everyone. That's the intention.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rolling Stones Gather Moss

British Pathé ‏has uploaded of 85,000 films to YouTube. This 1964 video of the Stones in Hull, Humberside is one of them.


3D On The Rocks

Japanese whiskey-maker, Suntory, has a precision drill that can chisel detailed sculptures like this beautiful pagoda out of an ice cube.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sirens of Chrome

Margery Krevsky’s Sirens Of Chrome is a docudrama that "focuses on how the ingenious pairing of beautiful women and cars has influenced five generations of global fashion, design, commerce, romance and status". Her new book, also entitled Sirens of Chrome, traces the story of auto models from short shorts to business attire, and is filled with terrific photography from the industry’s history.

1963 Detroit Auto Show, “real life hood ornament” posing atop
the 1964 Plymouth Barracuda

Packard Motor Co. enlisted members of the Marion Morgan Dancers to promote
 the 1927 model Packard 343 Series Eight.
The troupe danced around the United States at auto events and
in London in variety shows, specializing in interpretative Greek movement.
Here, dancers perform a circle ceremony around a convertible coupe.

A model wears a nude-colored swimsuit for a skit with an
Emmett Kelly-inspired
hobo to promote Chrysler at the 1960 Detroit Auto Show.

More: The Morning News

Kirsty Mitchell - The Stars Of Spring Will Carry You Home

British photographer Kirsty Mitchell creates stunning images of a wonderland inspired by fairytales. This video contains behind the scenes footage of The Stars Of Spring Will Carry You Home, the final chapter of her Wonderland series, filmed and edited by While working on it her close friend, John Clarke, was killed in a motorcycle accident. She has dedicated the project to him.

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

Whether I like Cadbury Creme Eggs is irrelevant. Some of you think Easter would not be Easter without these fondant filled confections and I am posting this for you.

Recipe at this Link

If you are a creme egg afficionado who is feeling a bit adventurous you might like to check out these recipes for deep-fried wonton creme eggs, Scotch creme eggs and sweet creme egg pizza. And, no, you won't have to share with me. I wouldn't think of it. Really.