Saturday, June 24, 2017

American Flag Pie

For my friends to the south of here:

An American Flag Pie Recipe with a homemade crust and a blueberry and strawberry filling, topped with stars and stripes.

Spray Painting Multiple Layers of Acrylic Glass

Street artist Sofles spray paints multiple layers of acrylic glass. When viewed straight on it looks like a single canvas but a few steps in any direction and you get a sense for the multiple layers involved in each piece.

More here

Thanks Bruce!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Boomer the Skateboarding Cat

Boomer the Bengal cat free skates down a closed street during a classic car event. I wonder if his big brother Didga gave him some pointers.


A 'Roomba' for weeds

I need one of these! The inventor of the Roomba robot vacuum, Joe Jones, has come up with a solar-powered weeding robot called the Tertill. It will patrol your home garden daily looking for weeds to cut down.

$249 here.


Roof of New Apple Store Looks Like a Giant MacBook

The new flagship Apple Store under construction in downtown Chicago has a giant Apple logo on the roof, making the building look like a MacBook.

Foster Partners, the London design studio working on the project says the Store will eventually have an outdoor plaza, a gathering place centered around a video wall Apple calls 'The Forum'.