Saturday, August 01, 2015

16th century book can be read 6 ways


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Grab a Piece Of Mad Men

Are you missing Mad Men? Grab a keepsake of the show at this online auction being held by Screenbid.

56 pages of nifty items, my friends!

This collection of "Mad Men" Playboy Club items includes two tall
cocktail glasses with the bunny logo, four club napkins and
two black swizzle sticks with the Playboy Bunny on top.
Betty's light blue satin open-toe heels, with a circle of cubic zirconias above
each toe. These Marissa style shoes come from the Michelangelo brand.
This is one of the many Asian-inspired items from Bert Cooper's office.
This framed embroidery depicts birds flying against the backdrop
of a blooming plant.

More Mad Men auction items.

Thanks to my friend Candice for steering me this way.

The Hindsgavl Dagger

The Dagger Period (2400-1800BC) marked the beginning of the end of the Stone Age. During the Neolithic period flintworkers achieved very high technical standards and made pressure-flaked daggers like this ‘fishtail dagger’from Hindsgavl. It was discovered around 1876 on the island of Fænø in Denmark The dagger type is named for its fishtail-formed hilt.

It appears on the Danish 100-krone banknote:

National Museum of Denmark has a large selection of pressure-flaked flint daggers from the Neolithic Period. 

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Meet the First New Canid Found in 150 Years

The golden jackal is the first new species of canid—a group that includes wolves, coyotes, and jackals—discovered in 150 years. Though Eurasian and African golden jackals look mostly the same one of them is a new species of wolf.

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Metallica Comic Book

Are you a fan of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine, Cliff Burton, and Kirk Hammett(aka Metallica)? Orbit: Metallica is a biography featuring the original heavy metal band. Cover by famed artist David A. Frizell.

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