Sunday Links

Jorna Newberry | Waru Tjukurrpa – Fire Dreaming

Jorna Newberry's abstract Fire Dreaming paintings (above) relate to the use of fire for hunting and for land management on traditional Aboriginal lands (via  Memo Of The Air)

Hypothesis: "Walk of Life" is the perfect song to end any movie. The Walk Of Life Project

This happened in Colorado last week: Elk with car tyre stuck around its neck for two years is free at last  He feels much lighter now.

New Minister 

The Paintings of Nastya Chudakova evoke nostalgic memories of the Soviet past.

Amphibia, an Eau de Toilette for Muppet fans.

Music to read James Bond by And make some James Bond scrambled eggs as well (from last week's links) to recreate the full 007 experience.

Frank Lloyd Wright's last home is for sale: The Norman Lykes Residence is a futuristic circular home in the Arizona desert.

"Take a lot of the tomatoes, shove them into the pillowcase, and squeeze the s#*! out of them over the other tub so that the juice of the tomatoes oozes through the weave of the pillowcase, making it look like a relic of the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. Continue until all the tomatoes are gone or until you feel like Macbeth at the end of his play." Stanley Tucci Shares His Grandmother's Tomato Sauce Recipe

Worst excuses ever (apparently dogs no longer eat homework)

Inspired by Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire Cocktail

Take a tour of this very large shipping container home currently rented as an airbnb. (Thanks Bruce)

Do you remember Upstairs, Downstairs? The award winning television drama series ran for five seasons back in the 1970s. It tracked the decline of the British aristocracy from the POVs of a wealthy family and their domestics from the turn of the century through the Great Depression in the 1930s. (A sequel was broadcast by BBC One in 2010)

Squid Game costumes for pets? No thanks, my animals prefer to flounce around naked.

From the inventor who disappeared along with the lighthouse he designed to the daredevil whose contraptions vaulted him to fame and then cut his life short: 
Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions (Thanks Bruce!)

Lady's itinerary for 4 Days in Edinburgh 

Abandoned and overgrown: Eerie photos of Bali without tourists

Give your mediocre toaster some TLC. It will last longer. (NYT)