Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sunday Links

Read more here about Calvatia sculpta (above), commonly known as the sculpted puffball. Yes, it is edible.

The man whose intestines twinkled like stars  Via

The original or the cover, which is better? Covers That Are Original In Their Own Right

For the culturally curious  Stay in the know about all things cultural.

Read tons and tons of amazing Golden/Silver age comic books for free 

Contemporary Canadian farmhouse reflects owner's interest in land conservation and the preservation of agricultural buildings.

It’s been the same opening line now, week after week, for about twenty years: “Your enema is ready.” Via

All 165 Pink Floyd Songs Ranked, From Worst to Best by Bill Wyman (but not THE Bill Wyman)

Please Forgive Us at Blue Apron for This Week’s Meals. We’ve Been Having a Tough Time Lately

Sylvia Plath and the NHS 'America is impossible. I can go nowhere with the children, and I am ill … I have free doctor’s care here.’

This Rolls Royce has a musical tailpipe that can be played with a keyboard like an organ. Via

Airline promises female passengers won't ever get the middle seat Thanks Bruce!

The Perfect Day in Las Vegas (according to Anthony Bourdain)

Femme (Fashion) Fatalities: I have never forgotten the coworker that said my cat-patterned high heels were “too much to stomach,” or the random woman at the Portland farmer’s market who marveled at how “tacky” I looked in a Halloween-themed skirt while I was just trying to bag some artisanal Fuji apples.

Amusing: London's Punniest Shop Names

Did Airbnb Kill the Mountain Town? The rise of the short-term rental is changing small towns forever, and not for the better. It's happened where I live.

From Savoy Steam to Earl Grey and Cucumber: The Fragrance Of London 

The Sacred Journey of Four Million Indian Women to Cook for Their Goddess

I've had my cast iron skillet for almost 50 years and have brought it back from the dead many times Here's How To Restore a Rusty Cast Iron Skillet

Did you know that a polar bear once swam in the Thames? Lions And Monkeys And Bears Used To Live In The Tower Of London 

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