Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sunday Links

In celebration of the release of her first book, Don’t be a Tourist in Paris MessyNessyChic posted a bunch of nifty Paris-themed links earlier this week.

Homeland of tea Those of you who appreciate a good cuppa will like this photo essay.

Kafka’s Joke Book  So funny, so sad. Via

The truth behind New Orleans’ nebulous sandwich: By sympathising with weary strikers and offering them free sandwiches, two former street car workers made culinary history.

What a splendid idea! Herb and Lou's Infused Cubes: Pour a splash of booze into a glass or shaker with a couple of the frozen cocktail cubes and voila…a Brilliantly Crafted Cocktail. Via

You say "tomahto". I say "tomayto". Some Canadians used to speak with a quasi-British accent called Canadian Dainty.

Nina Simone’s Three Years of Freedom: Nina Simone was disheartened by the civil rights movement in America, and found solace by moving to a newly progressive Liberia in 1974.

Why Did The Immigrants Come? A familiar cycle in America illustrated. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

London Shh is a collection of nine of the city's small historic houses which tell the stories of fascinating and famous former residents.

How to Get an Asteroid Named After You The rules behind the naming rights for cosmic rocks. Thanks Bruce!

Claire McCardell and The American Look One reason why the typical Mexican attire Frida so loved such as huipiles, rebozos, and ponchos continue to be used is because the designs are simple, practical and elegant.

I went from sedentary academic to 100-mile marathon runner—thanks to the science of self-control

Children of the Opioid Epidemic Are Flooding Foster Homes. America Is Turning a Blind Eye. 

The Homes that America Built: A Crash Course in Favorite American Architecture Styles 

Hapax legomenon (from the Greek for “only said once) are words which may have been common in everyday speech but were only recorded in a particular corpus one time.

Japan Just After WWII – Rare Color Photos Document Everyday Life of 'the Land of the Rising Sun' in the Late 1940s  Via

How to Sell a Billion-Dollar Myth Like a French Girl The origins and consequences of everyone’s favorite Parisian fantasy.

My Grandmother’s Desperate Choice  My questions about my grandmother's death, of a self-induced abortion, haven’t changed since I was twelve years old.

Out of the Bloomsbury Mud For lovers of the Bloomsbury group.

Make Crepes Suzette. I like the cat helpers. Via

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