Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Revolutionary War amputation kits could be yours

Two amputation kits that belonged to John Warren, an American surgeon during the Revolutionary War, are on the auction block. Online bidding for this item will be available until 6:00 PM ET on July 12th.
"These remarkable Revolutionary War amputation kits hail to a time before doctors understood the importance of sterilization, and the instruments show heavy signs of use. Wounds from musket balls were rarely superficial, and amputation was fairly common—even though as few as 35% of men survived the procedure. Amputation kits were therefore essential on the battlefield and in very high demand. The Continental Army had little in the way of surgical instruments to provide their doctors, and surgeons were forced to rely on their own personal property to make it through the war. Dr. John Warren carried these kits with him throughout his patriotic service."

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