Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Guide To Canadian Slang

Now you can talk like me, eh?



Sharktooth said...

There were several I'd never heard of before.

Never heard of "out for a rip", "hooped it", "Larrys and Rogers", "jambuster", "that's jokes" and "a dart".

Maybe it's the semi-americanization growing up across the river from Detroit.

Is there a cure?

The Nag said...

I know "Larrys and Rogers", "out for a rip" and Mr. Nag calls cigs "darts" . Of course he's from Windsor which is 30 seconds from Detroit.

Sharktooth said...

Hmmm, I suspect he might be a "fake" Windsorite. People are always trying to hide their grubby backwoods upbringing, by claiming to be a hip urban shaker from Windsor. Sad.

... but I'll give the benefit of the doubt for the moment, and check if anyone else here has heard of "darts"

Anonymous said...

I asked around last night, but nobody's heard of "darts" down here (other than the throwing kind).

Your hubby must have picked up this unfortunate turn of phrase somewhere else. It's a small taint, but still worrying nonetheless.

The Nag said...

He also calls shadflies Junebugs. What am I to do with someone like that?

Sharktooth said...

Don't you mean Mayflies?

... but I hears ya on the Junebugs. That's just wrong.

As per usual, I recommend spankings!