Thursday, July 06, 2017

Electric Fence Keeps the Snails Out

Gardening is an ongoing battle against nature. The other day I went out to discover that slugs had stripped three asiatic lilies bare overnight. Readers sent me numerous suggestions on how to rid my garden of these shell-less, snot-like aberrations: from epsom salts to eggshells to diatomaceous earth. I tried  a few different substances in various areas of my gardens and have not seen another slug since. Someone also suggested this electric fence but my beds are large and most are not raised so it would have meant too much construction for me.

This gardener didn't want to share his veggies so he strung an electric barrier around the perimeter of his raised bed garden. Anytime a slug or snail attempts to enter the garden, it must first crawl over a pair of electrified wires, where it receives a mild shock sufficient to thwart its plans.

The gardener has kindly posted instructions for others interested in making a 9 volt electric snail/slug fence. (I wonder if a bit of mild ECT improves the mental state of gastropods)

Instructions here


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