Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Links

The Origin Of Batman and Robin's Bat-Nipples

Library of Congress Offers 2,5000 Japanese Woodblock Prints Online

Trapped in a Condemned Building! MacGyver THIS, wiseguy.

Top Airline Rankings Worldwide based on on-time arrival statistics, quality and service and claim processing.

‘We Are Not Unusual Anymore’: 50 Years of Mixed-Race Marriage in the U.S. 

The village that time may forget Driving along Highway 13, it's easy to pass by Forget (pronounced ‘for-jay’) without much notice. With just one operating business, a church and some abandoned buildings, the tiny, two-block settlement in Saskatchewan’s south-eastern corner doesn't seem like much.

The Mammoth Pirates In Russia's Arctic north, a new kind of gold rush is under way. Thanks Bruce!

"La Pierre" on San Juan Island is a beautiful stone house conceived by Olson Kundig.

14 Curious Telegrams from (and to) Famous Writers 

Posteritati is a trove of original movie posters from around the world. Via

The location of the long lost pink and white terraces of Lake Rotomahana, aka “the eighth wonder of world" has been rediscovered in New Zealand.

Eyeborg: A gun accident left Rob Spence blind in one eye as a kid. So he put a working camera there. Thanks Bruce!

Goodbye Christopher Robin, A Touching Film About the Creator of Winnie the Pooh and His Beloved Son

Tintin, the subject of 200 million comics sold, was likely based on a real 15-year-old

Ever wanted to live in 2 nations at once? Here's your chance: This apartment block straddles the border between Beebe Plain,Vermont, and Stanstead, Quebec.

How to Get to Know Someone: 53 Great Questions to Ask 

Kids who changed the world: Childhood photos of famous people

Fire and Dice : Downstairs in the casino, little remained of the MGM Grand Hotel’s former glory. In the early morning hours of 21 November 1980, a fire had broken out in the Las Vegas landmark, ripping through the lounge in an explosive wave that instantly killed everyone in the area. Bodies sat frozen in front of what had once been slot machines, now no more than blackened pillars jutting upward from a flow of melted slag along the floor. The room’s plastic and chrome-plated decor, it turned out, had been as much a facade as its promises of riches... More

How the ideal body for men has changed over the last 150 years 

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