Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday Links

Shell gas station in Winston-Salem, North Carolina,
built in the late 1930s by the Quality Oil Company.
Image: Carol M. Highsmith/Library of Congress

The Amazing Architectural Evolution of the Filling Station Great vintage architecture.

Apology Simulator by Matthew Seiji Burns

Book of French Textile Samples (1863) Lovely.

What Does Wonder Woman Actually Represent? Her long journey from feminist icon to damsel in distress, and back again.

Cocktails: 77 recipes every bar person and party monster should know

Want to get away from it all? Eigg, Britain’s most eco-friendly island

8 meals you can make for under $3.30 They look healthy and tasty too!

This looks rather liveable: 1890’s New York apartment Turned into Exquisite Penthouse

Cats and Plants, A Beautiful Collage Series by Stephen Eichhorn.

When Georgia O’Keeffe Went to Hawaii to Paint Pineapples for Dole

The case of Mary Ellen - the first documented case of child abuse in the US was reported to the Animal Welfare Agency in 1874

Beautiful Cheese Plates For Summer Entertaining 

Time and Neglect : Michael Eastman's stunning photos of Havana.

One of the very earliest English-language cookery manuscripts, The Forme of Cury, dates to about 1390 and was authored by cooks to king Richard II.  Via 

The Dark Hedges: The long, creepy, ominous tunnel of Northern Ireland

The closest I get to fishing is taking a Fisherman's Friend for a sore throat but some of you might find this useful:  The Anatomy of a Fishing Knot

The Rise and Fall of Toronto’s Classiest Con Man James Regan swindled his way through the city’s monied classes. The problem was, he seemed to believe his own lies. Thanks Bruce!

How's Your Spelling?   Ten of the winning words from previous Scripps bees.

The last troglodytes of Iran

50 Years of Rolling Stone: Iconic photographs that explore American music and its history 

26 Google Maps Tricks You Might not have known about I didn't know I could save maps and use them offline. Thanks Bruce!

 The crucial rule for writing a good thank-you letter Hint: don't write like Trump.

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