Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sunday Links

The Tiniest Castle In The UK Is For Sale and I want it.

Drag your mouse left to right to go back and forth in time. Thanks Bruce!

Four famous filibusters of film and TV to remember post–nuclear option.

Mike Pence’s Dining Policy: Are after-sunset encounters allowed if they don’t include food? Do canapes count? Pretzels on an airplane?

Win a $250,000 Dream Life in Laos By Making a Two-minute Video  You'll get your own bookshop, cafe, art gallery, motorcycle, and $10,000.

 'medicinal liquor' cocktails in Tokyo At the city’s yakushu bars, you can get tipsy while improving your complexion, sleep patterns and even avoiding a hangover

Walt Whitman’s Manly Advice on Travel, Boxing, and Food

'Miami English' and the Linguistic Oddness of South Florida

The Historian Making Science Come Alive  Shortly before he died, Christopher Gray promised his boarding school his skeleton to put on display.

Musicophilia – Madly In Love With Sound Thanks Bruce!

Think Like a Historian builds skills to analyze and interpret primary sources: Photographs, Newspapers, and Personal Letters from the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Surviving the Death of My Son, One Page at a Time Heartbreaking.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

A Leonora Carrington A to Z 

Mandy Johnson, 1953-2015  In her final hours, mum's death sleep grew louder. Morphine lost control of her body. Murmurs rose into a harrowing whine, swelling with each unconscious breath. The nurse said she wasn't there, not really, but I wondered otherwise.

How to easily whip up the perfect baked pasta dish a simple one dish meal.

Glamping on the Northern California Coast. This even appeals to an avowed anti-camper like me.

4 Times Reality TV Shows Prompted Murder: Reality TV shows are notorious for pushing people to the brink — and sometimes to murder.

For 18 years, I thought she was stealing my identity. Until I found her 

Ancient Mystery Revealed! The Real History (Maybe) of How the Cocktail Got its Name

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