Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Anne Of Green Gables

I have watched the first three episodes on CBC but it will also be available on Netflix on May 12. It's a darker version of the well-loved story and takes a decidedly feminist turn. It is also visually stunning. I started watching because my fab friend and wonderful actress Corrine Koslo plays busybody neighbour Rachel Lynde (and does it very well). I've continued watching because it's good. There could not possibly be a more perfect Anne Shirley than 15-year-old Amybeth McNulty.


Chris Tyrell Loranger said...

I follow your blog and have for quite a while. A friend recently said Ann of GG was great so I decided to watch it on Netflix, so I read your comment and was surprised because I am/was a fan and friend of Corinne. I live in Vancouver where she once lived. I adore her. Who doesn't? What a surprise to read that you are friends, too. I believe she's out here right now and that I'm going to see her soon. I hope so!! Chris

The Nag said...

Glad to meet you Chris. Corinne, her husband and their lovely dog Lola are our friends. We walk our dogs together and will be doing doggie day care while she's out west. I'll share your comment with her. Small world, isn't it?

Chris Tyrell Loranger said...

And if I do see her when I expect to, I'll be telling her I have emailed the Nag on the Lake. Cheers, Chris!