Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Links

Documenting the Undocumented: The number of migrants crossing illegally from Mexico to the U.S. has declined dramatically. Yet the rugged borderlands of southern Arizona have become a death zone.

The Infinite Jukebox

America’s First Top Model 85-year-old American model, fashion icon, and legend, Carmen Dell’Orefice, is still going strong, though her modeling career has spanned over 70 years.

The 21 most spectacular theaters in the U.S. 

A Sibling's Documentary About His Brother's Mysterious Murder

Fish and Chips, Two Adventurous Cats Who Love Exploring the Great Outdoors With Their Humans

These photos by Nathalie Geffroy will have you dreaming of April in Paris.

The 30 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2017 I've visited seven of these destinations and some, like Buenos Aires, were reasonably priced while others, like Bali, were less so.

17 weird 'smart' gadgets that actually exist  I like the Furbo that allows you to shoot dog treats out of it via your smartphone.

James Beard Awards 2017: Restaurant, Chef, and Media Finalists 

A Rare Look Inside the Library at Grey Gardens

The Opulent World of Qatari Falconry

Into the woods: how one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years At the age of 20, Christopher Knight parked his car on a remote trail in Maine and walked away with only the most basic supplies. He had no plan. His chief motivation was to avoid contact with people.

Odd Lots: Curious Objects Up At Auction: Ye olde cockfighting chair, Evelyn Waugh’s ear trumpet, and a singing bird automaton.

Falling in Love with Words: The Secret Life of a Lexicographer

Japan’s top 10 historic hotels and ryokan inns

Origin Story: The Myth of Little John a coyote who made seventies art-world history.

Meet the Companies Literally Dropping ‘Irish’ Pubs in Cities Across the World The Irish Pub Company exports six mail-order bar "styles". Via PfRC

The Restless Ghosts of Baiersdorf

Where To Go Skiing In Jasper, Canada? Marmot Basin! We did it years ago and it's a favourite.

Caramelize onions in the oven, not on the stove

Inch for inch, Turkish Airlines and Air India will give you the most for your money 

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