Friday, February 03, 2017

The Man Who Sold His Back To An Art Dealer

Belgian artist,Wim Delvoye, is well known for his controversial work tattooing pigs. About a decade ago he was looking for human canvas for a new work. Tim Steiner, a 40-year-old former tattoo parlour manager from Zurich, agreed to have Delvoye tattoo an elaborate design on his back. As part of his contract, Steiner agreed to exhibit the tattoo by sitting topless in a gallery at least three times a year.

The work, entitled TIM, sold for 150,000 euros (£130,000) to German art collector Rik Reinking in 2008, with Steiner receiving one third of the sum. When Steiner dies his back will be skinned, and the tattoo will be framed and hung in Reinking's personal art collection.
"The work of art is on my back, I'm just the guy carrying it around," says Steiner.

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