Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Links 43

Archie’s odyssey: After Archie Thomas died at 16, a bench dedicated to him stood at Port Isaac harbour until, at Christmas, it was washed out to sea. This is the story of its journey home.

Make America Kittens Again  Replaces images of Donald Trump with kittens.

"No Stairway! Denied!" The Inside Story of Wayne's World's Most Unintentionally Complicated Gag Via

Broad Channel Queens What it's like to live on an island that no one has ever heard of.

Simon and Garfunkel's song "Mrs. Robinson" was originally titled "Mrs. Roosevelt" and was a tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt

The world’s oldest restaurant? Everything about Botin’s – one of the oldest continuously operating restaurants in the world – is steeped in history, from the architecture to the food.

The Last Howard Johnson’s in the Universe America’s first great restaurant chain comes to the end of the road.

Norma McCorvey dead at 69; anonymous 'Jane Roe' plaintiff in Roe v. Wade abortion case

Tube Patterns  Patterns. On the tube.

Rescuing Norman Rockwell's Progressive Legacy from a Right-Wing Cartoonist: The artist was no reactionary. He was a staunch liberal and a strong believer in an inclusive country.

‘Chef’s Table’ Recap: Jeong Kwan is a 60-year-old Zen Buddhist nun who prepares vegan meals for her community (and the occasional visitor) at Baekyangsa Temple, which is located 169 miles south of Seoul. Fabulous episode.

Diamond collars and oil portraits: the luxurious history of dogs in India

What Happened when Japanese Americans were Freed from Internment?

 I accidentally bought a giant pig She told me it was six months old, had come from a breeder and wouldn’t grow any bigger than a very large cat. Thanks Bruce!

The family bankrupted by Beanie Babies

A Dowager’s Downfall: The Bengal Lounge was, in its prime in the ’80s and early ’90s, a Nehru-jacketed, punkah-fanned, curry-scented extravaganza of retro-“Indian” decor that would have made a Bollywood producer stop and think, “You know, this is a little over the top.”

A famous island nobody knows: “These islands touched my life without my knowing: the perfumes that waft by at parties, the vanilla that flavours my ice cream and the cloves that spice up my Christmas cookies.”

The Lovings: An intimate portrait of a forbidden marriage that changed history

From Hospital Gowns to Paper Couture: The Unlikely Origins of ’60s Disposable Dresses Via Blort

 10 of the best Airbnb luxury breaks for under $100 per night Feeling stuck in the doldrums of winter? Who wants to share a villa on the Italian Adriatic with me?

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