Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Links 38

I Hope You Enjoy This Artisanal Knuckle Sandwich I thought we were friends. I thought that our mutual love of Wes Anderson films and This American Life meant something. Apparently not. Instead, it seems we also have another mutual love: my girlfriend Emily. Hilarious!

Glossary: Flesh From “arse” to “yam,” here are the words of the flesh.

What Brings Us Here is the first NFB documentary to use Instagram as its primary platform.

Former home of filmmaker and photographer Stanley Kubrick for sale in the centre of the bastide town of Domme in the Dordogne, France.

‘Goodnight Moon’ author was a bisexual rebel who didn’t like kids

Introducing the Global Effort to Map the Night Sky How astronomers around the world are piecing together a patchwork quilt of celestial activity.

The London Of Sherlock Holmes...Mapped Which parts of London did Sherlock Holmes know best?

The Concussion Diaries: Zac Easter knew what was happening to him. He knew why. And he knew that it was only going to get worse. So he decided to write it all down.

6 Unexpected Cities for the Food Lover: Get a taste for each corner of the world.

Top 10 IKEA Hacks and DIY Projects in 2017

These eight different hotels were designed by architects around the world to reflect the spirit of Wales and they will disappear after guests leave.

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn" - Did Hemingway write the shortest, saddest story of six words - or not?

Kafka’s Budget Guide to Florence: During a trip that they took together in August and September of 1911, Kafka and Max Brod hit on the idea of creating a new type of travel guide.

Originally Michelin sold tires and gave a guidebook with it so you could find restaurants if you went driving around. Now they are as interested in waiters' uniforms and creases in a tablecloth as they are in food.  Karen Keyngaert, the only female Michelin starred chef of Flanders, has announced that she will give back her Michelin star. Others are doing it too.

Mick Jagger's ballerina baby momma Melanie Hamrick steps out in New York  just weeks after giving birth to Sir Mick Jagger's eighth child.

Best Forgotten: ‘Real Life’ by Marsha Hunt (1986): Hunt is the mother of Jagger’s first child, Karis, who was born in November of 1970, having gestated for a period roughly as long as her parents harbored affection for each other.

How to Become a Fashion Minimalist After realizing that I’d become a clothes-hoarding fashion victim, I threw out everything and started over.

Strange Women: Vancouver’s Female Punk Visionaries 

Chain Reaction: What does it take to puncture cycling’s insular bro culture? Andrea Bennett speaks with the women mechanics inciting change in her community. Thanks Bruce!

That Time Mozart Pirated a Forbidden Piece of Music from the Catholic Church from Memory

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