Thursday, January 19, 2017

Future Aleppo: A Boy’s Model Of An Imaginary City

Mohammed Qutaish is a 14 year old Syrian boy who aspires to becoming an architect He constructed “Future Aleppo” in his family’s apartment while the city suffered relentless aerial bombardment. His sorrow inspired him to build a charming model city of neatly-gridded buildings, confections of rose and yellow. Their rooftops are equipped with the conveniences of helipads, solar panels, and pools. Mohammed envisions he and his friends swimming after school. At the bottom left is the Citadel, Aleppo’s ancient hilltop fortification.
The four by four foot section shown at Mmuseumm 2 in NY is a piece of a much larger model with impressive skyscrapers and suspension bridges. The Syrian journalist and filmmaker Waad Alkateab helped smuggle out part of “Future Aleppo” as the Qutaish family evacuated earlier in 2016.

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