Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thomas Edison's To-Do List Puts Mine To Shame

Throughout his life, Thomas Edison kept ‘idea books’ filled with to-do lists, sketches and other notes on current and future projects. Just over a month after opening his new lab in West Orange, New Jersey, Edison created a five-page list of ‘Things doing and to be done’

Cotton Picker
New Standard Phonograph
Hand turning phonograph
New Slow speed cheap Dynamo
New Expansion Pyromagnetic Dynamo
Deaf Apparatus
Electrical Piano
Long distance standard Telephone Transmitter which employs devices of recording phonogh
Telephone Coil of Fe [iron] by tt in Parafine or other insulator
Platina Point Trans using new phono Recorder devices
Gred Battery for Telephones
“ “ “ “ Long Distance
“ “ “ — Phonoplex
“ “ “ Jump Telegraph
“ “ “ Voltmeter
Improved Magnetic Bridge for practical work
Motograph Mirror
“ Relay“ Telephone practical

Edison's list continues here

My current to-do list consists of two tasks:
Put summer shoes away
Sort through cookbooks

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