Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sunday Links 28

The Bad Hombre and the Nasty Woman: Cocktails to Get You Through Election Night

Oh my, is it time to wipe down the lightbulbs already? The Good Housekeeping Institute's list of 10 jobs you have to do only once a year.

Mount Buggery to Nowhere Else: A Book on Australian Toponyms 

Sarma Melngailis, Queen of Vegan Cuisine, a Manhattan restaurateur, and a Wharton graduate, says she had come to believe—really, really believe—that her pit bull, Leon, was on the cusp of being made immortal.

Battling Baldwins. Another family ripped asunder just in time for Thanksgiving. Thanks Trump!

Ina Garten’s Herb & Apple Bread Pudding Does this look delicious or what?

Jack Winter’s granddaughter killed herself at 21. He tries to make sense of a girl whose default vision was black. The Guardian

It all started with a chicken who could walk backwards and forwards. The Illustrated Story of Flannery O’Connor and Her Beloved Peacock

If you ever had a bad bottle of vino you probably knew it and don't need this article How Can You Tell a Wine Has Gone Bad?

Arthur Duperrault had long dreamed of taking his family sailing on the seas of the tropics. By 1961, Duperrault had become financially stable enough to fulfill that dream. Orphaned on the Ocean: The Story of Terry Jo Duperrault 

David Lance Goines and Alice Waters's "30 Recipes Suitable for Framing" These lithographs are a perfect expression of the shifting culinary and cultural tides of the late '60s and early '70s in the United States.

Thanks to Donald Trump, I blocked my uncle on Facebook today

Vacation resorts that lost their appeal Thanks Bruce!

Take a Look at Montreal’s Most Gorgeous Record Collections

The Evolution of Voting Booths in the United States.

Dribbling in the Dark What it’s like to be 14 in a new school, a new city away from home—and the wrong ethnicity in a divided country.

Tyranny of the chicken finger: How we created a generation of unsophisticated, picky eaters 

A hidden typewriter museum in Spain. Via Blort

Cooked Director James Lees turns up the heat on our obsession with tanning

Ballot design and its many problems

The Writer Who Was Too Strong To Live: Jennifer Frey drank herself to death. Frey’s obituary in the Washington Post, her last full-time employer, merely gave “multiple organ failure” as the cause of her March 26 death. But alcohol killed her as surely as a bullet killed Lincoln.

This modern, minimal house in Leiria by Aires Mateus  has no windows on the sides or back. Instead, a square opening on the roof allows light to filter in through the living and dining  areas.

The most picturesque and best preserved medieval streets in England

Twitter manga shows why “Quit your job” isn’t such an easy solution for suicidal workers in Japan

"I was certain, but I was wrong" a strong argument against capital punishment.

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