Monday, October 17, 2016

Highrise of Homes

” Buy a cozy cottage in our steel constructed choice lots, less than a mile above Broadway, only ten minutes by elevator. All the comforts of the country with none of its disadvantages” 
-Celestial Real Estate Company.

Conceived by architect James Wines in 1981 Highrise of Homes was a utopian housing proposal for location in a major American city. That year Wines revived a famous diagram that originally appeared in Life Magazine in 1909. The design represented an alternative to the generic, mass-produced urban high-rise apartment building.

James Wines - ink, wash and charcoal - 1981 - SITE
Coll: Museum of Modern Art, New York 
Each level of this complex was to consist of plots of land with streets, upon which individual homes and gardens would be custom-built based on the preferences of the owner.

Alas Highrise Of Homes was never built because the construction cost of each housing unit was too high.

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