Sunday, October 30, 2016

11 things you should never Google

I rely on my brilliant friend Google to make me smarter.

But there are some things in the dark corners of the internet that one should never, ever search for. 

Blue waffle:Not a recipe for a nice Sunday brunch. I repeat: NOT a recipe for a nice Sunday brunch. It is, however, a recipe for making any gynaecologist wonder why they didn’t listen to their parents and become a lawyer instead.
Bedbugs on mattress:If you ever want to sleep again, do not type these words into Google.
Two girls, one cup:This video is old. But it continues to scar people around the world who are stupid enough to Google it. Don’t be one of these people. Unless you really want to see two women doing unspeakable things with faeces and vomit. You have been warned.

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