Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Hell Guide To Crowdfunding

The Writer Type fully crowdfunded his novel, Dead Writers in Rehab. (You can still pledge and get your name in the back.) This is how he did it:

 1. Begin crowdfunding by making a list of names, starting with your family and close friends. In your   heart, bid them farewell.
 2. Now list your colleagues and acquaintances. For each person, come up with three reasons why it doesn't matter if you never speak to them again.
 3. Send an individual email to everyone on your list, addressing them by name. Make it personal. Affirm your connection with them, and mention the last time you met. Ask how they're doing. Remind them that you know where they live, and what their deepest fears are.
 4. Wow, you've hit 20% of your target in the first week! At this rate you'll be funded in no time.
 5. Two weeks later, and you're still on 20%. Begin a relentless social media campaign. Stay online all day, every day.
7 more crowdfunding tips from hell here

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