Thursday, September 01, 2016

An Oral History of the Worst Song of All Time

This is the true story of how “We Built This City”—the most detested song in human history—got built. If this worm has to be in my ear it's going to be in yours too.

Even the band hated it:
Grace Slick (in 2002): The Starship, I hated. Our big hit single, “We Built This City,” was awful.… I felt like I'd throw up on the front row, but I smiled and did it anyway. The show must go on.
Pete Sears (Starship bassist): That album, for me, was musical hell. I joined the band in '74, and gradually the music had become vacuous, sterilized, escapist. It was an embarrassment. We had band meetings with big arguments. I probably should've tried harder to oppose it. I had a family.

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