Sunday, August 21, 2016

Seeing In The Dark: Blind Photographers

Is sight itself sharpened by blindness? A book from Redstone Press entitled The Blind Photographer features over 150 works by visually impaired people.

Gerardo Nigenda – …Between the Invisible and the Tangible... Arriving
at Emotional Homeostasis,
from a series, 2007
Nigenda began photographing at the age of 32 (he died in 2010) and used a Yashika
pocket camera given to him by US documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark.
This work has been described as “an erotic visual poem, in which braille text is
punched into monochrome images of bodies and faces.”

Evgen Bavčar – Untitled and undated
One of Slovenian philosopher Evgen Bavčar’s  series of dreamscapes.
“Photography must belong to the blind,” 
says Bavčar, “who in their daily
existence have learned to 
become the masters of camera obscura.”

Aarón Ramos – Untitled, Mexico, 2010-15
Ramos is a hero in his native Mexico. “This photo was taken one day that I
decided to take photos of insects, and while looking for them accompanied
by a friend who could see, we found this... I said:this is exactly what
I’m looking for, something that once had life inside it, and which is now empty.”
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