Monday, July 18, 2016

A GI’s Photos Of My Tho, Vietnam In 1969

Paul Sorene created a lovely pictorial record of the people and places he encountered during the “vacation” part of his tour with MACV Team 66 and the Phoenix/Phung Huoag Program in Dinh Tuong Province in and around the city of My Tho.

At My Tho’s market in 1969. (Dinh Tuong Province
in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta)

River Front Kids in 1969 At the Mekong River front in southeast
My Tho, Dinh Tuong Province, Vietnam.

Coconut Monk devotees holding services on the “floating” platform.
(Mekong Delta, Vietnam, January 1969)

My Tho Contrasts 1969.
Two ladies on film walking by the sandbags and razor wire around the military
operational center at the south end of My Tho across from the Navy dock
on the Mekong River.

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