Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Links 9

Unfurling the 'AIDS Quilt' 20 years on

Like bugs? Here's a guide to an entomologist’s dream vacation.

6 Perfect Things That Cannot Be Improved -  I'm definitely not one of them.

Fashion Facts from the Middle Ages

I Drilled a Hole in My Own Skull to Stay High Forever 

Have Researchers Found What Causes Autism, Even How to Prevent It? 

Save the Sixties is taking action to preserve, restore and showcase midcentury homes.

Training My Service Dog: Belle Star, a Dog with a Job

Susan Faludi: getting to know my father, the woman

Less is more as Japanese minimalist movement grows 

“Knuckledusters and Wrist Knives,” “Food Processing,” “Skates and Snowshoes,” “Ornaments Made From Teeth,” “Smoking and Stimulants,” “Forms Suggested by Natural Shapes,” “Magic, Witchcraft, and Divination,” and “Treatment of Dead Enemies,” - The Pitt Rivers Museum looks like my kind of collection.

What Starter Homes Look Like Around the World

Use this Vanual to make your own decked out solar-powered camper.

Lady Macbeth's Murderous Mansion of Death 

The State of the Domestic Goddess 

The scariest thing I've seen all week. Thanks Blort, now I won't be able to sleep.

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