Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Scenes Of Canada Bank Note Series 1969-79

I miss the $1 and $2 bills that were replaced by the loonie and townie coins since I've actually incurred physical damage from carrying pounds of coinage in my shoulder bag.  Now that I take a second look they were also pretty awesome from a design perspective.

The $50 bill with an image of the dome formation of the RCMP Musical Ride on the back is my favourite:

 More about Canadian 70s money here

Aside: I once woke up laughing from a dream that I was a country and western singer whose claim to fame was a song titled "Take the Queen Off Of Our Money and Put On Stompin' Tom."  I'm a big fan of money. The monarchy not so much.


xoxoxoBruce said...

I just received 3 $20 coins from the Canadian mint, a Northern Lights/Raven holographic, and 2 of the Maple Leaf Maze coins.

The Nag said...

We have nice looking money.